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Week 4 : Next mile-marker 2 days ahead

Here is my last post as an 'n-week old'.  Soon many of you will either be rounding me down to a '1-month old' or rounding me up to a '2-month old'.  For those that like to stay precise, there's nothing wrong with keeping me in weeks.  Heck, I think Grandma Stafford would still say my Dad is celebrating 1700 weeks this week.

 Alden watching Jay-Z & Alicia Keys on the AMAs

Aunt Jenny was my special guest this week.  She helped Mom take care of me and my dogs this week, she helped clean, run errands and hold me while I screamed at the top of my lungs.  I think she's pretty great, and considering how many smooches I got - I think I got her playing into my hands pretty well.

Aunt Jenny & Alden

I had another new highlight this week, my first play date !  This dude, Colin-G is so cool, he was actually born on my due-date.  We decided to impress our moms by performing synchronized snoozing.  Once we fool them into thinking we're nice, mild-mannered k…

Week 3 : Splish-Splash, My 1st Bath (and other firsts)

Long time no talk !
It's been an exciting week of firsts since last I posted an update.  While Dad has been heading off to work every day, Mom and I got to enjoy time with Aunt Katie and tonight- Dad is going to bring Aunt Jenny home to meet me for the weekend !  I'm very excited to meet her.

With Aunt Katie, we took our first walk outside with Alex & Mallory.  It was a nice day, but I found it too bright.  Despite Aunt Katie trying to whistle, I wasn't all that happy about the photo shoot.

Alden & Family at Sears Farm Park

Mom took me out by herself in the car for the first time this week.  We went to visit Joni and an A-T-M.  It's pretty cool how those things just print money.  I also got into my bathtub for the first time.  It wasn't too bad - since it didn't have a bubbler, I brought my own.

Talk to you soon !-
A to the T to the S

Week 2 : Life, In a Nutshell

...and now, Ladies & Gentlemen - Heeeeere's Alden !

Sunbathing at Kitchen Beach

I'm officially two weeks old.  I had my 2-week checkup at the doctor today and my diagnosis is that I'm  perfectly healthy, but "High Maintenance".  I think my Mom says that about my Dad, so I guess it runs in the family.  After deciding it was time to "go cordless" a few days ago, I now spend my days eating and sleeping and my nights eating and crying.

As of this morning, I'm officially 9 lbs. 8 oz., up half a pound since birth and a full pound since leaving the hospital.  I'm also trying to catch up to my cousins and am a full 1/2 inch taller too.

I'm not especially fond of sponge baths, in fact I find it quite humiliating to be lying around naked on a kitchen counter.  I've learned how to do a really cool impersonation of the fountains of Bellagio which helps to pass the time.

Grandma Linda leaves tomorrow, and I'm already looking forward to her coming …

Week 1 : I'm getting the hang of this !

Hello Alden-ites !
I'm so appreciative of all the 'congrats' and complements you've given me on my blog.  It's pretty remarkable that I've had over 500 unique visitors, from 10 countries with about 1000 hits in the past week. - So many of you are returning, which means you must be having some fun while you're here. - That's great news and I'm glad you are back !

I took my first ride 'just for fun' today in the car.  We took books to the library that won't be any fun for me to read or have read to me.  On the way back, I got a McDonald's strawberry milk-shake (1 degree removed).

No post, no matter how brief would be complete without a picture-of-the-day :

Alden's JCPenney Pose

I'm having a really good time this week with Mom, Dad and Grandma Jezewski and I also got to use iChat-Video with Uncle Bob, Aunt Beth, Cousin Nick and Grandma/Grandpa Stafford. - I sure hope we can get Cisco Telepresence at home someday soon.

More to come …

Happy Halloween !

Hey everyone, sorry for the delay in posting my Halloween pictures.  It was a busy night with a visit from a crazy Australian, lots of trick-or-treaters and perhaps best of all, I got to meet my dogs for the first time.

From looking at the statistics on blog viewership, I'm getting the impression you'd like to see more pictures and less gab - so here is a mega-dose of Alden cuteness for you to enjoy...

Mom & I with Mallory (footrest) & Alex (curious)

Jon : My first international visitor

Alex learning the new scents - I had a 'special' one for him

I dressed up as a Pumpkin 1st (more to come...)

Here I am napping in my special Halloween outfit...

Did I mention it's Mallory's 1st Halloween with the family too ?

See - I do more than sleep & eat...

Mom, I'm a cat ! - Stop tickling me.

Here I am with a "I love Mummy" Bib...

What a long day - Mom kisses me goodnight...

There you have it - A double-shot of pictures for this Halloween.  Everything is stil…