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Official 5 Month Photos

Hello! I'm 6 months old today! Since my 6 month home mug shots aren't ready yet, I will share some of  my official 5 month photos with you (taken April 18). Since Aunt Jenny was visiting she joined in the fun too.

Alden with Mom, Dad, and Aunt Jenny.
Alden donning his first bowler hat.
Alden's tribute to Claude Monet's waterlily paintings.
We weren't sure how the Monet picture was going to turn out. People thought Mom was crazy for making a waterlily for me to sit on out of poster board. It kind of looked like a big green butt (for green apple bottom jeans!). The Art Instute of Chicago should give me free admission someday!


Ice Cream, Friends, and Family

Hi all! As usual, I've been a busy guy since I last blogged. So much has happened! Mom and dad's friend Laura tipped them off to Alden's Ice Cream. Even though I cannot eat ice cream yet, I suggest everyone go out and buy this fine product.

Aunt Jenny and Balex came to visit me. I knew they wanted to try out some restaurants in the area so I did my best to be good while they were eating. Aunt Jenny even came to help out with my 5 month pictures. I'll share some of those later.

My dog Mallory loves to escape from the backyard. This week she dug out and went to a neighbor's house to play with their dog, Peanut. Mallory followed Peanut into her house and ate her food. Mallory is not a polite houseguest.

My social calendar continues to be exciting. I had  my first park playdate. How nice it is to be outside. Our Baby Steps group also got together for a cookout yesterday. Our parents lined us up for another couch picture. It was a total paparazzi attack! The camera fla…

Sitting Handsome

What a wonderful week I've had. On the solid food front,  I've had peas, squash, bananas, and rice cereal. I've done a great job with it all. I've also discovered that food makes great face paint!

Alden thinks the more the more veggies he wears the less he has to eat.
The weather has been beautiful. There are now more plants in the front yard. Mom told me this was Part II of the landscaping project that started while I was being born. I've done my part to help by taking some naps so Mom can work. 

Alden does his part to help with spring landscaping.
I can sit up now if Mom or Dad helps me up into position. This is a fun new way to interact with the world. I sit up to gum my blocks and to practice driving. 
Alden's first convertible. 
Dad is off from work this week. He and Mom have been doing lots of organizing projects. They put away my bouncer and swings. I've outgrown them. 
Aunt Jenny comes tomorrow. I cannot wait to show her all my new skills. 
PS - Happy Tax D…

I'm a Funny Guy

Yesterday Mom and I graduated from Baby Steps class. No need to be sad though, we have lots of plans to see each other very soon. In our last session a woman came in from My Gym to tell us how fun it is to be active babies.
Today Mom and I met up with Miss Kristi, Colin, and Kaitlyn for a walk to the park. There is yellow pollen everywhere. Mom told me this happens every spring, but this year is a record breaker. At least that didn't spoil the fun of me going in a sandbox for the first time.

One thing I've learned from Mom already is that it is fun to express yourself through clothing. Babyhood is just too short to resist passing up funny onesies. For your entertainment, here are some of my favorites.

I live in a gated community.

I am Boob Man!

Small * Fart. Smells More For Less. Smelly.

I am Mommy's Hero (when dad's not around).

My dad's a geek.

My First Easter

Happy Easter everyone! What an exciting first Easter I had. I will tell you about my Easter week in pictures.

Cousin Trevor brought over his favorite baby books for Alden.
Alden was disappointed that his Easter dinner was rice cereal.
Alden and mom learned about massage and music at Baby Steps class.
Alden with his great-great Uncle Jim (mom's mom's mom's brother).
With all the warm weather, Mallory decided to do some landscaping. This bush had to go.
Alden hanging with Grandma and Grandpa Jezewski.
Alden begins keyboarding...the harder he types the more his tongue comes out.
Alden experiencing spring "pink snow."
That's it for now. Try to stay cool with all this unseasonably hot weather.

5 Months!

On March 27, I turned 5 months old. At 5 months I am rolling over both ways, making lots of noise, drolling, and I am able to sit up for short periods of time on my own. I have discovered my feet and amazingly they come all the way up into my mouth.  My favorite toy is my doorway jumper. 

I've recently joined a group called Babies Against Bottles (BABs) much to the chagrin of Mom. No bottles for me! Down with bottles! If mom is gone, that means I need to stay strong and wait for her to come back to feed me. I met some nice BABs members in my aqua class.

Alden feeling groovy at 5 months.