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Imitation is the Highest Form of Flattery

I've learned to start imitating to grow my skill set. I've observed many a battery change in the house, so I've asked for a screw driver so I can try it too. When Mom was on dog pooh pick-up duty over the weekend, I wanted the scoop so I could help. When I'm in the mood, I try out using a spoon by myself. I love pressing the "HORN HONK LOUD" button on Mom and Dad's keychains.

I love going to the park. I know my way there now. Don't even try to skip a park visit when we go by the greenway path. I know we need to turn right to get to the park. I will fuss at you if you try to skip the park!

On walks I like to get  out of my blue car and push it myself. Note to adults: add extra time to get home into our adventures. I'm not as fast as you, yet!

Sunday was abnormally warm. We enjoyed going to the park without our coats. I wore my new cool monster number face shirt.

Mom and Dad don't like to grocery shop with me anymore. How can you blame me for …

Drive, Drive, Drive

I'm interested in cars. When I see a car in a book, I'll do the sign language for car. I love when I get to touch the steering wheel or dashboard in an actual car. Turning on the hazard lights is so cool. I'm really good at changing the map scales on GPS systems. I'm practing for driver's ed already.

I drive my 4-wheeler around the house, but I don't know how to steer yet. Walls keep getting in my way!

Here's some driving tips I've learned already.

Wear a proper motoring shirt.
Adjust your mirrors..

...and your seat.

When Fish Lips Attack!

Ah, another productive weekend behind us. On Friday Mom and I started a new pool class. At first I wasn't so into it, but I warmed up after they let me play with a rubber ducky. I had my legs wrapped around Mom tight so she didn't dare let me go.

Saturday was Grandma Stafford's birthday. We all went out to Sweet Tomatoes for dinner. Aunt Sue had fun making fishy lips at me. I ate jello for the first time. I wasn't so sure about it at first, but it tasted good. I enjoyed banging on it with a butter knife.

On Sunday I got my hair cut. The lady offered me a sucker. Mom was nervous that I might not be able to handle it so she stayed really close. I LOVED it. I cannot believe everyone has been holding them back from me. I drooled sticky red drool all over my cape!

Keep those fishy lips away Aunt Sue, I've got a spoon!

A sucker - the secret to a toddler hair cut.

Toddler Adventures

Hello! Are you ready for more toddler adventures?

I really like Grandpa Stafford's hat. It is navy with a fancy Old English D on it. When I see him I point to his head and go "haa" which is my special word for hat. I love taking it off his head. Sometimes I give it to other people. I think more people need to experience the big D.

Mom and Dad let me explore the grocery store a bit. Wouldn't you know, they sell remote controls! They are one of my favorite things. Everyone was impressed that I was able to find them so quickly. I also like playing with the free balloons and chewing on pre-purchase bananas still in their peels.

I'm now an artist. While most of the time I prefer putting crayons and markers in my mouth, sometimes I do use them to create. I'm into modern abstracts.

I went to the pediatrician last Friday for a flu booster. I impressed everyone by not crying for my shot. My Mom was so proud.

I'll use it for college, really!  Picking out a nice …

The Arrival of the Aunt

Happy New Year! This year will be another exciting one of firsts. Everyone is eagerly waiting for my first words.

Aunt Katie came to visit. We had lots of fun. We went to the toy store and I got to pick out some puzzels. We also went to the natural history museum. They have a whole room for young explorers like myself. I enjoyed watching the bees in the hive, climbing and pushing the stools around, and playing with the coral samples. Yesterday she helped us put away our Christmas decorations.

Aunt Katie was really impressed to see how I enjoy playing hide and seek in my room. I'm really good at hiding behind my bookcase and then popping out. I'm so funny!

Tonight Dad almost forgot to brush my teeth. I reminded him by touching my teeth and then pointing to my toothbrush. Dad was so impressed that I did that all on my own.

I'll share a picture of Aunt Katie's visit after she sends one to me. Mom's camera  battery died.

The young marine biologist studying the affec…