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Outnumbering the Adults

I had a first on Friday night. Sometimes we go have frozen yogurt. Mommy has been sharing hers with me, but for the first time I got my own. I enjoyed crawling up on the chair and eating it with a spoon all by myself. Then I was entertained by throwing away our empty cups, used spoons, and napkins, one-by-one.

On Saturday we went to the natural science museum. Mommy and Alden went to see a 3D shark movie that they knew I wouldn't sit through. Daddy and I ran around getting into stuff. After the museum we went out for mojitos and empanadas. We are so cosmopolitan ;)

Saturday night we went to a party at Miss Katie's. All the Mommies stayed with the kids and the Daddies went out. We had pizza and baked brownies...and trashed the house. We made a disco ball out of paper and had a dance party. They still have their Christmas tree up (they have young baby twins) and I enjoyed looking at that. The best part was playing trucks in the sandbox with my buddy, George. He is 12 weeks older…


Mommy and I have have just returned from an exciting weekend in Misgahgin. Mommy had to go there for some "Operation 4-0" --- some secret birthday dinner for her friend Mary Lynn.

We flew in on Friday. I enjoyed watching unlimited Octonauts all the way up. After we landed, Grandma and Grandpa picked us up. We were disappointed to see that there wasn't enough snow left for sledding. We drove for a long time to a children's museum in Saginaw. I especially enjoyed putting puff balls in air tubes and letting them blow all over. We stayed until the museum closed.

After a fish fry dinner, Mommy and I went to Uncle Bob's house. We saw him, Aunt Beth, Cousin Chris, and their crazy dogs, Buddy and Willy. They just remodeled so we got the grand tour. Aunt Beth loaded me up on cookies, including OREO DOUBLE STUFF! While we were there it started snowing! Hurray!

After a late night we drove back to Grandma and Grandpa's with me asking how long it was going to take all the…

Snakes, Snakes, Sssnakes

Well, if you are waiting for Disney pictures you are going to be waiting even longer. Mommy and Daddy are being lazy about helping me get them. No worries - I have an exciting report on my week.

On Monday I went to the dentist. I was supposed to go the week before, but they had canceled it to due ice. No cavities! Mommy says the set-up is impressive. They give out sunglasses and have video screens to watch movies on. Apparently the dentists for  grown-ups don't do that.

I now know how to drive my battery operated tractor very well. Something clicked and I got the hang of steering. Mommy took the the governor off so it goes super fast. Now I am driving it during family walks with the dogs.

On Saturday we went to the Natural Sciences Museum for Amphibian and Reptile Day. When they advertised "Snakes, Snakes, Sssnakes" they were not kidding. We got to touch so many colorful snakes that I lost track of them. We saw some cool bright yellow tree snakes that will be bright gree…

Cheese and Paint Both Go In the Mouth

Mommy and Daddy were too lazy this evening to help me grab some Disney pictures. Sorry to make you wait.

I'm changing so rapidly. I love to climb on the kitchen table and then I try to grab the light. I cry more now, because I realize how much cool stuff there is to do and I cannot do it all nor communicate what I want. That being said, I am gaining new words daily. I now ask to go "outside" and I cry at the refrigerator door saying "cheese."

I've also developed a habit of throwing food on the floor for the dogs. She says things like "those blueberries are expensive!" That makes Mommy annoyed. I also gave up veggies.  You have to hide them to get them in me. Mommy misses the days of me eating my mushy baby  veggies.

Mommy tried to show me how to paint, but I got confused and put it in my mouth. Hey it was pretty, it smelled good, and it was on the kitchen table. Seems like that should be food right?

I hate sitting in my booster chair at dinner. I …

Guess where!

Still winding down from an incredible week.  More to come!