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A Go-Go Weekend

Trent and I love watching Octonauts. I try to watch at least two episodes a day. We play with our Octonauts bath toys in the tub. I also read the books.

We had a busy weekend. Friday was Daddy's birthday. He had to work. In the afternoon we went to Paige's house for her party. It had a Frozen theme. Princess haven! She has the SAME birthday as Daddy. In the evening we went with Paige's family out to dinner and then over to their house for cake. We were out late and high on sugar.

Saturday we slept in. Mommy got up early to do a running race. I was supposed to go, but Daddy let us sleep. We met Mommy downtown and went out to lunch. After lunch we went to Pullen Park and rode the petal boats for the first time. It was fun. We saw turtles and LOTS of catfish.

On Sunday we went to Touch A Truck. I think Mommy and Daddy like it even more than we do. Trent really likes diggers and of course they had one. We went in a hospital helicopter, several ambulances, several police cars, …

Some Bunny Loves Me

My belly didn't feel so good today. Mommy thinks it is because I pretty much just ate candy yesterday.

The bunny was good to me this year. I got the traditional bubbles and squirt gun and an Octonauts toy. While Trent napped, Mommy took me to a party at Molly and Emily's house. We got to hunt for eggs. Mommy ate a traditional ham Easter dinner, but I wouldn't have any part of it. I was later punished for skipping the yucky dinner by being denied a Jello bunny cake. Rough!

Poor Trent, we even dyed our eggs while he was napping. Mommy thought it would be too messy to include him. Must have been that paint eating that scared her.


Little Chatterbox

Here are some assorted recent pictures of me!

After being behind on my speech I am now rocking it! When I was retested I scored at my age level. I talk a lot now. Some of my favorite words are: ball, doggie, duck, woof-woof, digger, tractor, shark, neigh-neigh (when I see a horse), water, gup (as in Octonauts),  Mommy, Daddy, help, and hoop (as in basketball). I imitate words all the time now.

I sometimes even say "Alden."

Tonight I refused to get into the bathtub until I got to play with an Octonauts toy.

I like looking at Alden's shark picture book.

Mallory had surgery last week to remove a kidney that had a big bump on it. She has to sleep in the kennel while she gets better. I love crawling in there.


Camera Ready

I get up before Trent in the morning. I also don't nap anymore and he does daily after lunch. Trent is still a little guy so he's under video surveillance.

We know Trent doesn't understand that we are watching him on his video baby monitor...but when he hears the camera moving around he'll look at it and wave. We think it is pretty funny!

Note - the date on the monitor is wrong. My parents are too lazy to set it correctly. This was filmed this month.