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Trent really likes diggers so on Tuesday morning, Mommy took us to a big strip mall place that is under construction. There were 6 diggers working at once and too many dump trucks to count. One of the guys came over and gave us a REAL construction hard hat. He must have thought we were cute. I got bored after awhile, but Trent cried when we left.

Today was Memorial Day. In the morning we went to Ellie and Will's birthday party. Trent did not enjoy getting splashed in the kiddie pool. In the evening we played baseball with Brendan and Paige.

On Saturday we went camping to a local state park. We hiked, made s'mores, and enjoyed the campfire. Only Mommy and I spent the night. We sent Daddy and Trent home for their bedtime. Mallory stayed with us -  she even jumped up on the air mattress with us. Mommy was impressed that I did a 3 mile hilly trail on the hike.

Camping was fun and I want to go again!


I Got Serious Game

It is getting close to the end of the school year. Next week Alden's class is planning to have a party. Some of the kids will be going to kindergarten. Some, like Alden, will have another year of preschool.

I picked out a new outfit at Carter's. I says "I Got Serious Game." Gotta love the hoop. Alden and I also got shark sandals. They are so cool!


Diggers, Hoops, and Sharks!

Now that I'm getting close to two, I have my own opinions and likes...and I get upset when things don't go my way.

My favorite things are basketball, diggers, and sharks. I love to shout those words when I see those things. Today Mommy got me some shark sandals. They are the best!

It is strawberry season here. I love eating them. I also love strawberry shortcake.

Sunday was Mother's Day. Alden had a show at his preschool on Thursday. The class sang songs for the Mommies and then fed them strawberries. Alden made Mommy a drawing, a card, a painted pot (with a plant in it), and a hand print pot holder. Mommy said she likes the drawing so much she is going to frame it. On Sunday, Mommy had Daddy take us out for the day so she could work on some projects at home. Mommies can be so boring like that. They think staying home alone is fun.

Daddy wasn't home on Mother's Day for dinner. Miss Joni invited us over. I enjoyed running around the backyard, shooting hoops, and rid…

End of School Year

The end of the school year is upon us. We are making a secret memory book for our teachers. We were asked to draw a picture of our teachers to include in the book. Below is my first attempt. Mommy decided she isn't going to submit it.

We went on a field trip to a garden last week because that is what we are studying. At home, I am helping Mommy plant her flowers. We also planted some beans in a pot and they just popped up.