Kindergarten Olympics

Last week was the Kindergarten Olympics. We marched representing a country while 1st graders cheered. I carried the flag for Estonia (since that is what I did for my geography project). After we took turns visiting different classes, that were featuring different countries. My class was Egypt. We made pyramids and belly-danced.

Yesterday Alden and Mom put roses on military graves. It was a program for Mom's work. After we met up with them and went to Marbles.

Marching for Estonia.

Making his pyramids.

Children's museum fun.

Memorial Day cemetery flowers.



  1. Oh God!!! What a winning event it was! It is always fun to see kindergarten performing certain activities. That day my child was mounting in the Los Angeles event venues for Kindergarten Olympics. The arrangement, the performance was worth viewing. So glad to become the part of that event.


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