Home Sweet Crib

Big day today folks, I'm home chillin at my crib (literally) like a suckin and stink-tootin villain.

Had a pretty good final night at Wake Med.  Mom got a pair of 2-hour naps while Dad snored on the couch.  When it got bright outside, people started coming in and talking about 'discharge'. - I thought they were referring to my noxious gassy-fumes, but I guess they meant we were going to get kicked out of our room soon.  (Gotta make room for my future buddy J.M.B, that is due just about any day now)

No sooner did Mom get her lunch, and they told Dad to go get the car-seat. - I've been told it's a Stafford tradition to log about as much time in a car-seat as out of one.

Got my 5-point harness : Let's pull some G's

I asked Mom to ride in the back with me to point out landmarks so that I can help Dad find his way home when he gets lost going to work or Chic Fil A. - I hear he's not great with directions...

Mom joining me in the back for the ride home...

Safe at home, I settled in well. - The Milk-Buffet seems to be serving about every 2-3 hours and the accomodations are pretty spectacular.  My mom did a great job with the color scheme in my room.

Just about to sign off for the night when I get done with my midnight (literally) snack and will talk to you all tomorrow -

Alden (no!, not 'Big Al') saying so-long to Day-3