Just 'Cuz

Hi to all my Aldenologists out there !

I told you what a great Christmas I had, but it's been hard to show you because Mom & Dad are computer geeks and don't always keep their pictures in the same place. (Dad claims to have a solution, but we'll see.)

Here is one of my favorite pictures.  I'd call it "Passing the Torch".  I'm now the youngest Grandson and Trevor is now a 'Big Cousin' !

Big Cousin Trev holding Alden

Most of you know that all my cousins are on my Dad's side of the family and they are all super-cool.  I want to be as musically talented as my cousin Chris, as tall (or taller) and good at Basketball as my cousin Nick and as cool and fun to be around as my cousin Trevor.

Alden, Chris, Trevor & Nick

I'd say I'm in pretty great company wouldn't you ?

Till next time -
Cousin Alden