Jump, Jive, an' Wail!

Hello out there! Tomorrow is a big day for me. I'll turn 5-months old! While you wait for my official 5-month pictures, I will update you on my last week.

I love my doorway jumper. I'm a crazy bouncing little dude! This must be where the term "bouncing baby boy" came from!

Jump and Jive!

Mom and Dad made me go shopping with them yesterday. One thing I hate is being tired, bored, and strapped down in my car seat. Sometimes it gets to be too much and I need to let the world know how frustrated I am! Waahhha!

An' Wail!

My first St. Patrick's Day was fun despite Mom being frustrated that she couldn't find any shamrock shakes. Mom dressed me in a green top with overalls that have tools on them. Alden Contracting at your service! Alden Contracting is your destruction and drooling job specialist. Mom and I visited Miss Michelle so I could pull on her green necklace.

Shamrock Buddies

I now weigh 17 lb 2 oz. I'm growing fast! Mom was given the green light to start me on basic solids. Mom and Dad have fed me rice cereal twice. I did very well for my first time being with a spoon. Let me tell you though, the term "solids" is relative. Rice cereal is really runny. Bring on the bananas!

Alden out!