7 Months - A Progress Report

Hello out there! I celebrated my 7 month birthday on May 27. What an exciting time for me. Mom told me my MBOs (management by objectives) for my 7th month were teeth and mobility. I also added my own "get into stuff" objective.  Here's how I'm doing:

Teeth: Complete. After a few weeks of nubs, on May 28, Mom spotted two bottom teeth.

Mobility: In progress. I'm really good at creeping (AKA army crawling). I'm working on my speed and endurance. On May 29, I bumped my head while creeping around and got my first of what is sure to be many bruises.

Getting Into Stuff: In progress (I'll always be working on this one!). I've blown this one out of the water. I can now open drawers and cabinets. I haven't figured out how to keep them open, but that's next. I'm really interested in the plastic faces on the walls. For some reason, Mom and Dad covered them up with plastic plugs. That's no fun. I'm also interested in wires. Dad likes them so much, they have to be cool. On June 5, I pulled myself up to standing in my crib for the first time. Watch your breakables people!

Flashback! Alden on November 7, 2009.

Alden on May 27, 2010.

Alden's 7 month mug shot.