City of Auntie Love

Philadelphia may be "The City of Brotherly Love" but I've learned that Pittsburgh is the city of Auntie love! I recently returned from a weekend of firsts: flight, sleepover, zoo, celebrating Father's Day with my dad, and first state outside of my birth state. Put a pin on my map, folks!

I was well behaved on my first flight. Mom and dad sure had to pack a lot of stuff for me. I don't travel light.

At Aunt Jenny and Katie's I enjoyed showing off my crawling skills and chasing Lola the cat. I showed them how ordinary household objects can be used as toys. They surprised me with a really cool lion toy and a new book. I surprised them with my ability to forgo naps when too much is going on. We got to take a dip in their community pool.

They took me shopping and to the Pittsburgh Zoo. I DO NOT like elephants. They are too loud and scary. They made me cry.

Here's some pictures from my big weekend.
A toothy grin from Alden while checking in for his first flight.

Alden chasing Lola.

Hanging at the pool with Aunt Jenny.

Alden at the zoo.

Dad's surprise cake from Aunt Jenny and Katie.