My Busy Weekend - Friends! Toys!

I had a wonderful weekend. On Friday, two of my Baby Steps friends joined me at Little Gym. We had a great time waving scarves and popping bubbles. Saturday Mom and Dad took turns entertaining me and helping out a charity dog wash. Mallory: stink dog no more! After the dog wash Mom helped me ride my Little People truck around the house.

On Sunday I went to Rebecca's baby shower. Her little guy or gal will be making his or her big arrival sometime next month. My generation rules! Mom tried to hold new baby Maura, but I let her know I wasn't a fan of that. WHAAAH! I also had empathy for my friend Elianna. When she was crying because she was denied her right to eat wrapping paper I cried right along with her.

Having a bubbly laugh with some Baby Steps buddies.

Alden loves to pull up on Mom's legs.

It's not a sporty truck, but the price was right.

Alden and Elianna enjoyed crawling through the tunnel at the baby shower.