My Party Weekend

What a great weekend I had! On Friday, Mom took me to a playdate at Miss Nicole’s house. It was wild and I mean really wild. You know how it is when you have 6 kids under 5 and a cat in the same room. There were lots of toys and chaos. I enjoyed chasing that cat! Of course it wouldn’t be a tot party without lots of crying and a pee-pee pants accident (not me, silly, I still wear dipes).

On Saturday I attended my first Pig Pickin’ at Conner’s house. It was good to get together with the Baby Steps gang again. We turned the living room into a baby mosh pit. Things are a lot more interesting when we get together now, as we are on solids and some of us are crawling. There was the typical party stuff: drooling, diaper changes, and spilled drinks. I enjoyed eating fruit from the buffet table. For some reason, Mom didn’t share any of her rum cake. The parents tried to get a picture of us lined up on the couch, but we weren’t too cooperative. What else would they expect from babies that can roll and crawl now? I wore my new Ferrari onesie – I was styling.

On Sunday, Mom and Dad took me to my first Chinese restaurant for dim sum. While I find myself to a dining companion who likes to keep things interesting, my parents do not appreciate my squirming and fussing. I was on to them, trying to feed me Gerber mush while they ate good stuff. So I keep asking for and grabbing their stuff. On the way out, a diner stopped us and told Mom and Dad that she had some “unsolicited advice for them.” Her advice was to distract me with Cheerios next time we eat out. Ah! Little does she know that I don’t have an interest in feeding myself yet. However, I hope Mom and Dad try it soon so I can start throwing them all over.

After dim sum, we went grocery shopping. Just to keep things interesting, I tried eating a banana still in the peel. I got a good bite (and mess started) before Mom and Dad noticed. Good one! They didn’t expect that since I don’t try to feed myself at home yet! Hah-hah! I enjoyed reaching backwards to try to play with all the goodies in our cart.

Enjoy the photos below!

Tot totem pole! Alden hanging with the ladies, Karissa and Kiersten on Friday.

Party host Conner shows Alden his Cadillac of exersaucers.

Baby mosh pit.

Alden already enjoys pushing toy cars.

Alden already has a way with the ladies.

Attempting to get the babies all lined up; fighting rolling, crawling, and tears.

Alden trying to escape, Megan chilling, Lexi trying to stop James from talking, Conner watching mom, Ava laughing, and Molly just before she rolled away.

Wearing banana mush at Harris Teeter.

Oh, and remember: next Friday... is Hawaiian shirt day. So, you know, if you want to, go ahead and wear a Hawaiian shirt and jeans. (Guess the movie quote!)