White, Wonderful, Second Christmas

What a great time I've been having. I'm always busy, but this week has been especially action packed. On Wednesday Mom and I went back to Marbles Museum to play. On Thursday Mom and Dad both had off work so they took me to this place called Hopper's House to make a mess there. I got to play in a blue "moon sand" sandbox and have Dad help me dunk a basketball.

Friday was Christmas Eve. Grandma and Grandpa Stafford, Aunt Sue, Uncle Rob, and Cousin Trevor came over for dinner. I got to eat in the dining room for the first time. While everyone ate their bacon wrapped pork loin, I munched away on oranges and carrots. Aunt Sue and Cousin Trevor had fun calling me "DUDE!" I was so tired by the end of the evening.

On Christmas Day we went over to Aunt Sue, Uncle Rob, and Cousin Trevor's house. I got to open lots of awesome toys there: a drum, a loud trumpet, crayons, a recycle truck, and more.  The highlight was getting my own battery powered 4 wheeler. I'm scared of it now, but surely I'll be up and driving it around on my own soon. When we got home I was ready for bed, but we had time for a quick video call with my Jezewski/Reiber family in Michigan.

On the day after Christmas we got a wonderful snow storm. It was fun to laugh at the dogs playing in the snow. Dad shoveled the driveway and Mom took me down the hill on my new sled.

I'm on a boat - sing it now! (Marbles Kids Museum)

Grab two drinks and jump! (Hopper's House)

Cousin Trevor teaching Alden about his new 4 wheeler, but for now, Alden would rather push it.

Free snow, shovel all you want. 

Sledding party.

A boy's story is the best that is ever told.

Charles Dickens