Imitation is the Highest Form of Flattery

I've learned to start imitating to grow my skill set. I've observed many a battery change in the house, so I've asked for a screw driver so I can try it too. When Mom was on dog pooh pick-up duty over the weekend, I wanted the scoop so I could help. When I'm in the mood, I try out using a spoon by myself. I love pressing the "HORN HONK LOUD" button on Mom and Dad's keychains.

I love going to the park. I know my way there now. Don't even try to skip a park visit when we go by the greenway path. I know we need to turn right to get to the park. I will fuss at you if you try to skip the park!

On walks I like to get  out of my blue car and push it myself. Note to adults: add extra time to get home into our adventures. I'm not as fast as you, yet!

Sunday was abnormally warm. We enjoyed going to the park without our coats. I wore my new cool monster number face shirt.

Mom and Dad don't like to grocery shop with me anymore. How can you blame me for not wanting to sit in the cart when there is so much to explore! On Sunday I had my first "uht oh" --- I dropped a bottle of bubbles on the floor by the dairy section. The cap cracked, and let's just say there was some spillage. That's ok, I'm sure the dairy guys were planning to wipe up the floor any how.  I was just helping them clean.

I'm working hard on language too. I say car, duck, hat, da-da, and dog. It's in my own special way, but soon I'll have them down perfect.

I don't always sleep through the night. Sometimes something wakes me up and I get really mad and scream in fustration. I don't worry about it though, I can always make up for the missed sleep during the day. On the other had, Mom and Dad aren't so lucky.

Hanging at the park.

Spoons are nice, but fingers are faster.

Mr. Fix It - preparing to change his own batteries.