When Fish Lips Attack!

Ah, another productive weekend behind us. On Friday Mom and I started a new pool class. At first I wasn't so into it, but I warmed up after they let me play with a rubber ducky. I had my legs wrapped around Mom tight so she didn't dare let me go.

Saturday was Grandma Stafford's birthday. We all went out to Sweet Tomatoes for dinner. Aunt Sue had fun making fishy lips at me. I ate jello for the first time. I wasn't so sure about it at first, but it tasted good. I enjoyed banging on it with a butter knife.

On Sunday I got my hair cut. The lady offered me a sucker. Mom was nervous that I might not be able to handle it so she stayed really close. I LOVED it. I cannot believe everyone has been holding them back from me. I drooled sticky red drool all over my cape!

Keep those fishy lips away Aunt Sue, I've got a spoon!

A sucker - the secret to a toddler hair cut.