Nothing Runs Like An Alden

Here is a list of some of the cool things I've done lately.

  • Mom and Dad caught me feeding the dogs on my own. I've watched it so many times that I knew I could do it. I closed the door, took the top off the dog food container and started scooping. Mom and Dad rushed to help. I don't think they trusted my dexterity. Alex and Mallory didn't mind!
  • I saw a Best Buy ad for some smartphones and I put my hand to my ear like I was talking on the phone. I know what those are!
  • I go into the closet and get the broom and mop on my own and I clean the floor.
  • I have fun sticking my hand on the small vacuum cleaner while Mom vacuums the stairs. Suction is funny! It makes me laugh (unless it is the bigger scary vacuum).
  • I tested out yard tractors at Home Depot. I like tractors. When I'm asked where the key goes, I can point out the ignition on the tractors.
Test drive!

A great helper.