Lil' Chef

What's cooking dear blog reader?

Saturday was a great day. I received two Easter surprises in the mail all the way from Michigan. I cannot wait to get my new clothes from Quinn, and Grandma and Grandpa dirty!

We went to the toy store. While shopping I really enjoy pulling things off the shelf. They had a push car to ride on and it helped me get into trouble 53% faster! Mom has a nickname for me: Destructi-Mo. We didn't leave the store empty handed - I got a kitchen set! Whoo-who!  I, Chef Alden, can make even greater culinary masterpieces now.

I helped Dad install the kitchen. I have mad screwdriver skills. I was really upset because they then made me take a nap. After I got up from my nap I found out I slept through a big storm. We were ok, but some places around us had scary things like hail and tornados. After my nap I went back to cooking in my kitchen.

Destructi-Mo attacking the water bottle display.

Black and Decker? Make way for Stafford and Stafford!

Top Chef - Toddler Edition.

Appetizers for napping Dad.