Michigan Adventure

Here's a recap of my trip to Michigan last month in photos.

Alden loved seeing the chicks and ducklings at Tractor Supply.

Look at these clutch handling skills (Mid-Michigan Children's Museum with Grandma).

Learning how to stop the leaks with Grandpa.

Hugging a cutie. (Alden and Hailie).

Train and flashlight time with Quinn.

Passed out at the end of a long travel day.

I had an action packed weekend. On Friday we went to the Marbles Children's Museum with Zander, Evan, and Megan. After we had Greek food al fresco and we got to watch big buses go by. I love big buses.

On Saturday we had dinner with Brendan, Paige, and their parents. I enjoyed eating Paige's food more than my own. After we went to their house for CAKE! I loved getting into Paige's kitchen set. I'm hoping for one of my very own someday.

Yesterday I wasn't in a good mood and I got dragged to the Farmer twins baby shower. How boring - it's all about babies but nothing fun for a toddler.  I wasn't interested in the cake there, but the punch with the foamy topping was wonderful. Hopefully Mom learned to leave me home next time!