A is for Alden. B is for Buzz.

I have a new hair style. I did not choose this new 'do. It went down on Friday. Mom made some comment about "your appointment" so we got in the car and headed to some place we had never been before. Turns out Mom wanted to try a new kids cut place. I walked in and it looked innocent enough, but I'm old enough to know a house of torment when I see one. There were all kinds of spinny chairs and some chairs that look like cars.

They tried to get me to sit in one of the cars but I was on to them. This was one of those horrible hair cutting places. I knew if I sat down the torture would begin. They tried and tried to get me to sit, but I kept standing tall. Finally they had me sit on Mom's lap in one of the spinny chairs. I figured if I was that close to Mom that I would be safe. Not! Next the cape of oppression came out. I refused it. Then came the scissors which scare me. I wasn't going to let those things near me. Heart racing, I cried and wiggled to avoid the agony. Three adults tried suckers, a video, and toys to distract me from those scissors, but I wasn't going to let them get me.

And then the horrible thing happened, since I did such a good job keeping the scissors away, the stylist (evil lady) said something about "buzz cut for this one." She went after me with an electric clipper. I screamed but it did not stop the insult. When it was over, there was a pile of blond hair on the floor.

I was so glad to be out of there. Next time I will win the battle against hair cuts! Dad misses my crazy stand-up hair.

Alden's military look.