Hail to Pitt

I had quite the weekend. Friday morning Mom and I went to a pool party to hang out with my future classmates in Miss Kelly's Young Two's class. Yes, I will be starting preschool this fall!

Then we got on a jet airplane (I read all about them in my airplane book) to Pittsburgh. Jet airplanes have engines that go around and around (I can make the motion with my fingers). We went to go see my Aunts and Balex. It was a special weekend because Aunt Katie recently got her MS from the University of Pittsburgh. I'm not quite sure what she's mastered, but it sounded like a lot of work.

I had a lot of fun Friday night staying up late and playing with a toy lawn mower and record player. I also played with Lola the cat. She's so fun. I gave her her ball and I fed her. I also enjoyed playing with her fishing pole.

On Saturday we went to the Pittsburgh Children's Museum. We got to walk through Mr. Rodger's Neighborhood.  Did you know it was filmed in Pittsburgh? I had the most fun playing with pipes and water. I also painted a really colorful picture. Aunt Jenny and Katie made me silk-screened art. Then we headed out for lunch. While we waited for our food to come, Mom walked me over to the Hard Rock to get a pin for my collection. We also watched some boats in the river.

Aunt Katie is teaching a boot camp class so she helped Mom and Aunt Jenny work out. I helped too! They let me run around in just my diaper. Sweet freedom!

On Sunday we took Dad to Outback for Father's Day. I wasn't interested in the food, but boy, is that a fun place to run around!

We got back Sunday night. I'm still catching up on my sleep.

Here's some pictures from our weekend.

Miss Kelly's pool party.

Giving Lola her ball.

Alden's latest masterpiece.

Exhausted post-museum.

Alden, the personal trainer, making sure Mom is still breathing.

Happy Father's Day Grandpa! Alden with Mom and the Aunts.

Also, let me catch you up on my Little Gym pictures. My last day of the semester was June 6.

Balance beam.

The coolest thing Alden learned - swinging!

Alden getting his medal from Miss Lisa.

Class photo! All the boys but one have last name first names (Connor, Carter, Cooper, Alden, and Harrison).

Oh, and Mom and Dad aren't so keen on my dining style. I'm just a social dude who likes to check everything out. I'm just too busy to eat! 
Hey Ladies - What's going on at your table?