Your Toddler: 19 Months and 1 Week+

Today was graduation from my "Birds" Little Gym class. This August I'll start in the "Beasts" class. Dad got some pictures on his phone but he's too tired tonight to help me get them uploaded. Today I will share with you my "info" at 19 months. I also had pictures taken on my 19 month birthday (May 27).

Interests: cars, airplanes, helicopters, sweeping, mulch, sandboxes, climbing, drooling, opening containers, keys, general mess making, pretending to drive cars, garbage trucks, snakes, cell phones, pointing out Mama and Da, and checking out tractors at Home Depot

Dislikes: strollers, car seats, high chairs, sippy cups, bibs, hair washing, naps, waiting, being constrained, and veggies

Words: car, gar (as in garbage), mama, da, blue, no, more

Favorite Sign (Sign Language): drive

Favorite foods: bread and cake

Favorite drink: whatever Mom has

Recent milestones: hanging on bars, starting the car (and knowing which key to put in the ignition), asking for Mama when getting up from sleeping rather than just crying

Favorite color: blue (can point out or pick blue objects)

Bad habit: refusing to use a boaster seat and standing directly on a chair to eat

Hungry caterpillar ate my oranges!

Alden loves things with wheels.