Great Lakes, Great Times

I'm having so much fun playing in the water. Let me update you on my adventures. On Friday we got to Grandma and Grandpa J's house. They surprised me with some beach toys and let me play with their hose.

On Saturday I woke up to Aunt Katie, Jenny, and Balex.  We were invited to a family party at Great-Aunt/Uncle Karen's/Pat's house. We almost missed the party. Mom insisted we take a nap. I fought her; I was having too much fun. Well, we ended up falling asleep together. We slept all the way to 5:00 p.m. and the party started at 2. Thankfully they were willing to pull some food back out for us when we got there.

On Sunday we got to Grandma and Grandpa S's lake house. We got on their pontoon boat. At first I was really upset because they made me wear this really uncomfortable straitjacket they referred to as a "life-jacket".  After a while, the curiosity of the boat steering wheel got to me. I helped Uncle Bob drive the boat. I am really skilled at honking the horn.

We all went out to eat and I had a great time getting down and running around while the big people were trying to eat. 

On Monday I got to try the jet ski. It is so fun! I kept telling Dad "more." I had skipped a nap earlier in the day and the purr of the motor was enough to sooth me into a nap. The dogs had a great day too. They got to run around unleashed.

Today we went to the Great Lakes Children's Museum. The best part was getting to play with the water table. When we got back to the house, Dad put me down for my nap. He ended up falling asleep with me. Mom was off doing boring stuff for work on the computer. After the nap, we went on the jet ski again!

Enjoy the pics!

A simple childhood joy.  

Honk - here comes Captain Alden!
Boom, boom! Totally awesome gift from Quinn's Mom, Sarah. Happy 4th of July to all!
Riding the waves.
A great place to nap.

Great times at the water table.