I Make Going Out to Eat No Fun

I am trying to teach Mom and Dad that I don't like going out to eat. They keep trying to take me out, and I keep showing them why it's not a good idea. Thursday they thought they had a good idea. I like pizza and they took me to a pizza place. I wasn't in the mood to waste my time in a silly restaurant. I dumped Mom's water. The staff was very quick to clean it up. Then I ran around and crawled on the floor until I was taken outside to look at more interesting things. When will they learn? It's funny when Mom and Dad have to eat alone while the other entertains me.

On Friday Mira came over. I hadn't seen her for a long time. We tried to go to the park, but we weren't there for long because it was too hot. Friday night we went to a toy store and I picked out an Elmo stuffed monster. He helps me take naps and go to bed now.

On Saturday we woke up and it was rainy and windy. Mom told me it was all because of some Hurricane Irene. After my nap we went to Brendan's house. I slept through his pirate birthday party but I joined the after party. That mean o'Irene made their power go out so we had dinner at Chick -Fil-A. After dinner we had pirate cake, our choice of white or brown. I really impressed Mom because I asked for the brown cake all by myself with my words. I know my basic colors.

Playing escape the pizza parlor.

This is more Alden's style: sloppy joes outside in only a dipe.