Planking and Hungry, Hungry Mutts

Let me share with you some of my morning routine. I wake up, talk to myself, and take a peek at the book Mom or Dad has left in my crib. Sometimes I make a stink in my dipe. When that all gets old, I start hollering. Mom or Dad comes to get me. I get a fresh dipe and dressed.

We go downstairs and I feed the dogs. They sit the in doorway while I play around with the scoop. Dog drool can be a hazard with this job.  Then I start whining for breakfast. Typically I have drinkable yogurt and toast. I get the bread out of the freezer myself. I can also put the bread in the toaster if someone lifts me up. I love to say "POP" when the toast is done.

Alden practicing some morning planking.

Alex and Mallory being VERY patient!

Scooping the chow.

PS - One of my new words is "ice."