Spikes and Tattoos

Hello there. The time draws nearer to when I'll start preschool with Miss Kelly. She had another pool party on Friday for us all to meet each other. Two of my Baby Steps friends will be in the class. James enjoyed chilling in the pool. Megan liked to play in the water and splash a lot. I liked staying out of the pool and dumping water in a out of toys. My friend Colin will be in the class too.

On Saturday Mom decided my hair was getting too fuzzy and she had a coupon so we went to get my haircut. Dad forgot to put me in shoes but they didn't realize that until we were already there (of course I didn't remind them - heh-heh). Mom ran off to hunt for cheap shoes and Dad hung with me for the hair cut. Since it was him, I decided to play it cool and enjoy the suckers without fuss. At the end of my styling, the woman gave me a faux-hawk with green gel. It went really well with my snake tattoo.

Alden goes punk-lite.

All the adults keep talking about some "debt ceiling budget" thingie. I'd much rather talk about trains!