Hanging With the Fam

I'm tired. I'm beat. It's time to get some zzzz's. I had another busy week. On Wednesday I had my first parent-free Miss Kelly's preschool class. I wore the awesome t-shirt Miss Sarah gave me when she came to visit. She found it at Meijers. Grandma saw her holding it, not recognizing it was her. Grandma went up to her to find out where she had found that really cool shirt and then recognized it was Sarah. They both knew it was so me. 

Over the weekend Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt Jenny, and Aunt Kat came to visit so the house was buzzing. They brought me some really fun goodies from their Alaska trip. Grandpa had a shirt with a moose on it and I used it to help me practice saying moose. Grandma and Grandpa hung out with me Saturday night so Mom, Dad, and my Aunts could go out. The real fun is with me of course. Unfortunately we forgot to take a family picture before Aunt Jenny left.

Dad made a music video for work and I love watching it over and over again. I yell DADA at the screen when he comes on. I also LOVE watching garbage truck videos on You Tube. 

Alden connecting with his peeps before class.

A family photo that needs Aunt Jenny Photoshop'ed in.