Toddlers Celebrate Labor Day Two

I had a week and weekend of epic proportions.

Wednesday was my first day of Miss Kelly's Preschool. There are 8 of us in the class. The other kids names are James, Colin, Ryan (the boys), McKenna, Megan, Bailey, and Campbell (the girls). We are all either two or will be two before or in November. The two assistants are Miss Tina and my very own Miss Charlotte. Mom got to come to the first class, but after that it's just us toddlers with our teachers. The topic for the class was school buses. We sang school bus songs, read a school bus book, painted school buses, and ate school buses. That's right, we ate them and they were delicious! They were made of graham crackers, with yellow cream cheese, mini-Oreo wheels, and teddy graham riders. Miss Kelly knows how to serve up the toddler gourmet.

Wednesday evening I had Little Gym. Yes, the Little Gym school year has started too.

On Friday Mom and I went to the science museum with Miss Joni and Paige. I loved riding the train again.

I've been helping Mom and Dad in the mornings by pulling off parts of my PJs in the morning. When they come to get me they never know what state my PJs are going to be in. I keep them guessing!

Last weekend Mom got me a Elmo which I really liked. Mallory destroyed my Elmo! I was so upset. I cried and yelled! Mom took me to Target and I we found another (and a Cookie Monster!). I made Mom put them in the highchair with bibs so I could feed them. That made Mom really excited, something about "milestone" and "pretend play." I also pretend to sleep when Mom and Dad tell me not to take my nap in the car. They want me to save my naps for my crib. That really gets them going.

On Sunday morning Mom told me something about visitors when I was getting up. We came downstairs and Quinn from Michigan was here with his parents! We went to pizza for dinner and then we tried this new place that is an ice cream buffet. I enjoyed helping Mom with hers!

Yesterday I skipped my official nap, but I fell asleep on a walk. I passed out while eating my granola snack.

Today we went to the children's museum. It was so fun! I got to play with a real saw. We went to The Pit for lunch. I wasn't interested in that. I told you I hate restaurants. They do have some really interesting dumpsters in the back though (smelly!). I spent most of the time outside.

Mortimer Moose kicked off preschool with a song. Alden was more interested in the puzzles.

Preparing the school bus snack.

Painting school buses.

Feeding Elmo and Cookie Monster.

Doggie jammies worn as a shrug.

Woodworking with Dad.

Passed out on the walk with spilled snack.

Pretending to nap.

Hanging on with Quinn.