Sea Monsters

Thursday I had my 2 year well visit. It's never fun going to the doctor's office. First you start out in a waiting room full of cool toys. Then they take you away from the cool toys and put you in a boring room with only a few old beat up books. Just when you think the boredom will get you, you are told to go down to your dipe. Next you try to escape. Then the doctor comes in. I kept telling Mom "all done" and pointing to my clothes and saying "back on." The doctor laughed a said she at least knew I was putting words together. We found out I'm now 33" tall. I grew 3.5" inches since my last birthday.  I was diagnosed with "rock and roll hair." The visit ended with a flu shot. Ouch.

On Friday Mom and I took an art class. I was much more interested in getting into the cupboards than completing the project.

On Saturday we went with Paige and Brendan to a children's museum in Rocky Mount. It was really fun. We watched a movie called "Sea Monsters" in the planetarium. Before the movie came on they showed us some stars and the moon. I kept yelling "Elmo" at the screen hoping he'd appear. There's a You Tube video I love of Elmo dancing on the moon. Paige kept yelling "Nemo" at the screen hoping he'd appear during the Sea Monsters movie. Mom was really impressed that I sat through the  movie. I added my commentary throughout the movie. It was a children's museum...did people expect us to stay quiet?

The artist at work.

Cupboard surfing is much more fun!