My 3rd Christmas

On Christmas Eve we started out with a lazy morning. Then we piled into the red car and went to brunch with Santa. It was a big buffet in a fancy room. They had a low buffet table for kids which was much appreciated. Then some loud music started and the big man himself walked in! It was very exciting. Besides Santa, they had face painting and balloon animals.

When we got home Dad went to get groceries. Mom and I baked.Then she tried to put me down for a nap.I knew they were busy getting ready so I decided to skip my nap to help. Mom loved having me handle her Christmas dishes.

In the evening, Grandma, Grandpa, Cousin Trevor, Aunt Sue, and Uncle Rob came over.We had dinner and then hung around. The best part was Trevor showed me the NORAD Santa tracker.

Then came Christmas morning. I woke up grumpy and I couldn't figure out what Mom and Dad were all excited about. I wanted to watch garbage truck videos but they kept bugging me about going into the living room to see presents. So we went in there and I was still grumpy so I had Mom open my gifts. I got shoes, Elmo pjs, stacking pegs, a pizza kit, and a drill kit. Later I Skyped with my Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt Kat, and Aunt Jenny in Michigan.

After my nap I felt better. We went to Cousin Trevor's and had a party. I ate lots of chips.We opened a lot of gifts. I got hockey sticks! I had fun watching Cousin Trevor play XBox 360. Uncle Bob called us on Facetime.

I was too tried to open all my gifts on Christmas, so Grandma and Grandpa came over today to give me another gift. It was my very own workbench. It goes great with the tools Miss Charlotte gave me!

Mom's food tastes better than Alden's.

Awesome snake balloon!

Snowman on the cheek.

Alden did great with the big guy!

Alden showing some respect.

The whole family sans mutts.

Where is Santa now?

Alden's pizza is the best!

Alden and Grandpa at the tool bench.