Grandparents Rule !

Hey y'all - 
It seems time is flying by and my Grandma and Grandpa Stafford from Michigan are ready to change the scenery out their motorhome window.  It's been pretty great having them down for Christmas because Grandpa helps Dad play with some really big, loud scary looking tools that make big messes and Grandma likes to shout about some poor pigs that have issues due to a mischievous wolf with an extraordinary tendency to exhale forcefully in the direction of their new-house construction.

Before they leave, we got to take a trip to the museum and ride the train together, look at real live farm animals and have a great time. - Safe Travels Grandma & Grandpa !!!

Nothing gets the day started like a Wooo-Wooo Train ride!

Grandpa, Alden and Grandma in a Barn

Thankfully the birds didn't poop on us.

Till next time -