Mailboxes Etc.

I'm having fun learning about Valentine's Day. At Miss Kelly's preschool we made our very own mailboxes and then exchanged cards. We had a party with candy. Miss Kelly and Miss Charlotte also helped me make a card for Mom and Dad. It says "Roses are red. Violets are blue. I love pizza and I love you."

On Sunday, Mom and I went to Elianna's house and helped make some Valentines that Elianna and her mom are going to take to a nursing home. When we arrived, Mom tried to get me to hang out in the playroom with Paige and Elianna, but I wasn't so sure of Mr. Jon who was watching us. He seems nice and all, but I like to keep around Mom or Dad until I get to know a new place or people. At the end of evening, I was feeling pretty good about the place so I did spend some time pushing trains around with Elianna.

When I go shopping I like to hang on the side of the cart because that's how garbage guys do it. I also have Mom and Dad suckered into letting me ride on Harry the Dragon after grocery shopping. Mom says it is a total rip-off at 50 cents a ride. In her day at Meijer it was only a penny.

Alden and Elianna both love Thomas.

Post grocery fun!