Super Bowl XLVI

I'm annoyed at Mom because she won't let me touch the Grouch button on her camera. It's right on the back. It looks like a trash can. I want to press it to see if Oscar comes out. I'll point it out to her ("Grouch button") and she just keeps telling me no.

On Friday Dad sold the yellow car. I will miss playing in it. For dinner we went to Mama Dips. During the dinner I climbed into Dad's lap and told him I was his dude. He was smitten' with me over that! 

On Saturday Mom and Dad took me to tour a preschool. There were so many things to get into that I didn't want to leave ("no go home."). At the end, they filled out some paperwork so it looks like I'll be going in the fall.  I'll be back for those toys!

Last night I got to stay up late because we went to a Super Bowl party. I had a lot of fun. While some people watched the game I got into Mr. Dave's Rock Band equipment. I also played with Paige in her kitchen. Oh, and my favorite, pizza was served for dinner. All in all, I like the Super Bowl holiday.

Wow, the "kiss the cook" apron really works!

Mom and Alden cooking with Paige.