The Trouble With Tummy Part 2

This week Mom and Dad got the stomach bug too. So here I was feeling better and they weren't able to do much to entertain me!  I wanted to play and Mom just kept complaining about her "uh-oh tummy." I did use it to my advance though. For example, when Mom was busy being "uh-oh", I used her being distracted to raid her make-up drawer and pull out a bunch of tissues. She was not happy about having to clean up that mess. The other good thing about having sick parents is more iPad time!

On Saturday things were somewhat back to normal. Mom had yoga so Dad took me on a field trip to the Apple Store. It was so cool. I got to play on a big computer and sit on an awesome ball chair. That night Mom said something about "take-out cheesecake." I don't know what cheesecake is, but while Mom waited in some crazy long line Dad and I played out by the fountains. I love watching the nightlife at the mall.

On Sunday Mom wanted to celebrate eating again so we went to try a new eat place. I get so bored waiting for food at eat places so I usually have Dad take me outside to go look at the dumpsters. Dumpsters are really fascinating. They are big and come in a bunch of colors and hold all kinds of different stuff. The best is when you actually get to see one being emptied! 

Picking out supplies for his dream office.

Fountain and people watching.