Earth Day Means Hybird Garbage Trucks!

I had another trashy weekend. On Friday Mom took me with her to run errands including getting stuff ready for Nub. I made her take and show me some dumpsters. That evening we went to Paige's birthday party. Miss Joni had to help Mom put her party shoes on! That's funny!

On Saturday we went to an art festival. They had a special Earth Day section. They had a guy dressed as a raindrop and I wanted to chase him down. I gave him a high-five. I got a snake painted on my face, but I was mad because some people thought it was a slug. Best of all, they had a hybrid garbage truck there. I waited in line to sit in it four times. The really nice garbage guys showed me how to honk the horn. It was so great!

On Sunday we went to a baseball game with Evan. I wasn't interested in the game so I let it be known that I was best walked around or taken to the playground. I had Dad take me around to look inside garbage cans.

Tonight Grandma and Grandpa Stafford came over and we took Dad out for a belated birthday dinner. Then we had strawberry pie and ice cream for dessert at home. Everybody wins when there is a birthday in the house!

With the birthday princess. Don't hit her with your belly, Mom!

Hanging on just like the garbage dudes do!
It's a snake, not a slug! Ssshh!

The driver uses the joystick to grab the trash - cool!