Mount Mulchmore

So much has been going on around the house. Mom and Dad are going crazy getting ready for Nub. On the Friday before Mother's Day a big dump truck came to the house and dumped a bunch of mulch. It was very fun to climb and dig in it. Then some carpet dudes came and cleaned our carpet. We had to stay out of the way so we played in the backyard.

I also helped Dad move all his office stuff out of what will be Nub's room.

Then Grandma and Grandpa arrived. They brought me a tractor of my very own. As soon as I'm good at steering, I can start helping Mom and Dad around the yard. Just picture me hauling leaves and weeds to the curb! Grandma and Grandpa also helped get Nub's room ready. They painted and put his crib together. I helped by putting his laundry in the washer.

I don't know when Nub is coming, but I like to put my hands on Mom's tummy and try to guess where he is at. Mom says that is what her doctor does. I have 3 books about babies that we read together. I'm not sure about this whole baby thing. All the books warn us that they cry a lot. They don't eat pizza either - now that is crazy!

Climbing Mount Mulchmore.

Grandpa's tractor driving lesson.