Keep on Fussin'

Hi there - Trent continues to fuss in the evenings. Mom and Dad still say he is much easier than I was. It's really annoying because I get less attention because someone always needs to soothe him. At least I don't have it as bad as the dogs. They really get the short end of the attention stick. Tonight Mom was playing some relaxation CD for Trent. The voiceover says weird stuff like "Sleep is good. You are safe." Dad was making fun of it but Mom likes it because it reminds her of a day spa.

I got to bed late last night because it was thundering. There's no way I'm going to bed during thunder. I wanted to stay in Mom and Dad's bed but they didn't let me.

Speaking of thunder, it and its friend lightening almost ruined my golf day with the Jaycees. When we got to the golf place it started raining and lightening. We had to stay in the car until it stopped. I kept asking Mom if we were safe. Once it was safe to leave the car, I enjoyed Miss Joni helping me at the driving range.

Trent is getting more alert. He also has a lot of gas! Yesterday he made a big poop mess on Mom. She called it Poop-ageddon 2012. It was followed up by Poo-plosion today. I think our washing machine will be going on strike soon.

Mom and Dad keep taking about a new preschool and it sounds really stressful because they won't be staying there with me. I like to keep near my peeps. Last time they got a new sitter for me I cried for three hours (that was earlier this month).

Mom got the pictures back from Trent's newborn session. I will share one of the photos with you.

Driving with Miss Joni.

Two good looking dudes!