The Reflux

We have been doing so much lately! Last week Mom and I went to my first theater movie. We went with some of our Baby Steps friends. We saw Rio. It was about singing birds. Towards the end I wanted to leave (time to get on to other things like looking for dumpsters), but Mom bribed me to stay with yogurt pretzels. Mom was so proud that me and my friends made it through.

We also had a scary storm. We lost power for a few hours and a tree in our yard got knocked down.

Trent has been crying and fussing in the evenings. Mom was thinking it was a nursing problem, but it kept getting worse. He will arch his back and cry while he is eating.  Over the weekend Mom  took him to the doctor. That was great because then I got Dad all to myself.  Now he's on some reflux uh-oh tummy medicine. We hope it helps.

Today Mom was struggling to feed Trent. He was crying and I started crying saying "Mommy play with me" over and over again. I just wanted her attention and it was so annoying that she was giving it all to Trent. Later I heard her tell her friend that she should have recorded that moment...something about if she is ever feeling sentimental.

After that we met up with James' mom and some of her friends at an eat place. James' mom knows lots of people with babies Trent's age. A lady at the eat place made a fuss out of all the babies and gave everyone some coupons for free stuff. Nice!

Trent can smile now - just another way that guy tries to grab the attention.

Big day out at the theater.

Car seat rodeo.

Trent and his b-day buddy, John, having a playdate.