Playing Marbles

At birth, a baby's stomach is the size of a shooter marble. Well, mine sure isn't anymore as I was 14 lb 4 oz at my 2 month well visit last week. That's a 59% increase in weight over my birth weight. I've also grown over 3 inches!

Mom and Dad have been giving me this horrible tasting medicine. I hate it! My pediatrician scheduled me for something called an "upper GI" for this Friday to help find out if I really need the medicine. I don't know what an upper GI is, but I don't have a good feeling about it!

I got to met another sweet relative this weekend. Aunt Katie from Pittsburgh flew down to meet me. She enjoyed holding me, especially during our hot summer evenings in the rocking chair on the screened in porch. That's where I like to go to listen to the crickets during fussy evening time. Mom and Dad also play cricket or rain noise for me at night.

We did all kinds of fun stuff with Aunt Katie like going to our area children's museums, including one called Marbles. I am working on learning all kinds of new stuff so I can impress Aunt Katie next time she comes.

Alden isn't a doctor, but he plays one at Marbles.

Dr. Alden gives a vaccine, just like he saw Trent get.

Dr. Alden needs some help learning how to check his patient's heart.

Aunt Katie helped Trent at bath time.