We Are Biology

Today I really miss Womb World. It was so easy back then. I hung out in my hot tub having every need met perfectly 24/7.  Now I'm stuck with all these weird happenings like bubbly gassy digestion and breathing. Breathing is very hard now as my brother gave me a stinkin' cold! Urgh! I'm so crabby. Since he was the first kid he got off easy on colds his first year and now I get stuck with all the preschooler germs he brings home.

Alden had a lapse at preschool last week. He started crying on the playground that he wanted to go home and take a nap. That's funny since Alden is the king of fighting naps and bedtime. Me, I want to nap on Mom or Dad if I'm not in the car seat or stroller, but I'm a great night sleeper. Anyhow Alden has a habit of napping or asking to nap when he needs comfort when he's left with someone he doesn't know well. He just wants to go hide in bed until it's all over. Anyhow, his teacher took him in and got him some water and he calmed down.

On Friday morning we went to Marbles. Mom thought it was cool that Alden put on a hockey helmet for the first time.  In the afternoon we went to a big birthday party for one of Alden's classmates.

On Saturday I had a big diaper blow out. Mom considered just cutting me out of my clothes. Mom was going to take a picture of it --- she thinks you should capture all parts of babyhood, not just whitewash the memories. Thankfully Dad stopped her!!

Kids remind adults that humans run on biology.
Alden playing hockey.

Alden loved the pizza at Anna Sofia's party.