I'm 3!

I turned 3 and we've been celebrating for days. On Thursday Mom and Dad came into my preschool at the end of class. Most parents have been bringing in birthday sweets, but Mom thought we had too many sweets so she brought in Halloween Play Doh. I handed it out to each of my classmates and they sang "Happy Birthday" to me. I also got to wear a crown.

On Friday I had a Pumpkin Playdate with my Baby Steps friends. We enjoyed making a mess with paint and glue. We also got wild in the rice bin. I enjoyed showing off my battery powered tractor and 4 wheeler. For dinner we had my favorite --- pizza!

Saturday was my actual birthday. When I got up Mom and Dad had presents for me wrapped  under our big Halloween tree. There were also gifts from my grandparents in Michigan. I got lots of cool stuff: a garbage truck, Matchbox cars, airplanes, an airport, a helicopter, and a bouncy ball. Mom wasn't feeling good so she hung around in her jammies. She went to the doctor and they told her she had pink eye. Not from me - I'm healthy.

After quiet time on Saturday I was mad because Mom and Dad said we had to go to the park for family pictures. We just took pictures on Wednesday and I wanted to spend more time playing with my new toys. Then we had dinner at Zoe's Kitchen, a place we like to go once a week.

On Sunday we went to a mall place while Mom did a 5K race. I had lots of fun in the bounce house playing while waiting for her. It was funny that Mom's voice wouldn't work that day.

Today we had some Jaycees friends over for the annual Jaycees Pumpkin Carving party. I finally got my cake at the party. It was just as I had asked for - Elmo driving a garbage truck! They sang to me and taught me I need to wait until the END of the song to blow out my candles.

Oh, and how can I forget - today I had my 3 year well visit. Everything started well and good with the nurse and the doctor. I didn't like how Mom talked about how I fight sleep and avoid healthy food to the doctor. The doctor said I was going up great but that I should get a flu vaccine and a Hep A shot. Then she left. Mom started babbling about how the shot was going to help keep me healthy, but I was too interested in the spinny chair to care. Then after I got the shot, I kept asking "why did she do that?" but I didn't cry. Mom was so proud. I fell asleep on the way back home and took a long nap.

The cake, just as requested.

Helping Mom get ready for her race.

Birthday time at school.

Getting ready for the Tigers in the World Series.

Lining up some new cars.