Hot Weiners

On Friday I rolled both ways and Mom missed it. I have rolled back to tummy in front of people before, but this was my first time going from tummy to back. It felt a bit weird so I haven't done it since. Mom left me in my gym on my back so she could heat up lunch. Next she looked I was on my tummy and then SHAZAM I was on my back again! I also showed that the mat in my gym cannot contain me any longer. I'm rolling baby!

I haven't started on solids yet, but Mom is thinking next week will be good. Most of my other 5 month friends are on solids already, but my doc said to hold me off a bit longer since my big bro has a food allergy. I'm excited to try solids as the other people in this house really like them.

This weekend Aunt Jenny and Mr. Balex came to visit us. Aunt Jenny is very good at snuggling with me. We took them to two children's museums and some famous hot dog place has been on TV. They loved the 70 degree weather we had ordered just for them. Dad also conned Mr. Balex into helping him put out Christmas lights while I played on a blanket in the garage.

Trent demonstrating 5 month-old push ups.

Hot dog heaven since 1940.