We're Back!

Sorry for being absent from blogging for so long. Christmas and New Years kept us busy. Unfortunately it takes Mom and Dad forever to upload pictures from their big camera. We do have some nice Christmas shots, but for now, here's a random assortment of  pictures from their phones.

Christmas was great and all, but both of us had nasty colds. Not to go into too much detail but let's just say our food didn't stay down well. There was a lot of laundry going down! 

Trent playing baby with Paige.

Trent helped with Christmas shopping at REI.

Nothing says "Merry Christmas" like poking a TV that had been ran over by a bulldozer at a construction site.

Trent thinks Aunt Sue is great, but he did not love the fedora.

Santa gave Alden reindeer antlers (brunch with Santa on Christmas Eve).

Trent loved watching Brendan dance on New Year's Eve (with Grandma).

One of Alden's Christmas gifts --- A custom garbage truck wall decal!

/Alden and Trent