Temper, Temper

I have a cold. It is making me crabby. My nose is running and running.

We went to Miss Karen's yesterday and did a Jaycees Valentine's Party. We made cards to take to people at a rehabilitation home. I didn't like the lunch Mom and Dad had offered so I was hungry and I kept asking for food but it wasn't a food party. Can you believe that?

After we went to Zoe's, our Sunday night dinner place. I didn't want to wash my hands. Then I didn't want to leave the bathroom. I was fussing and being loud and whining. Mom and Dad were getting upset which just made me more upset. They said it was no way to act in an eat place.

Well our food comes, and Dad's looks better than mine. So I say mine is yucky and steal some of his pitas. Then I tried some of my chicken and it was yucky so I spit it out. Mom ran to get a take out container. She put my dinner in it. I started hollering. She said we had to leave because of how I was acting. Trent was being all cute and innocent in his highchair UNTIL he grabbed for the container with my food causing to spill all over. Can you believe that kid?

It's not me, it's the cold.

Mom reading to Alden's preschool class.

Making Valentines with the Jaycees.