Nine Mo's

Greetings from your favorite 9 month old. At my 9m well-visit I was 22 lb 3 ozs.

Mom gave me some puffs to help me upgrade my eating skills I found the texture to be weird. I'm not sure what to think of them. Alden sure loves them though. He kept taking them and my yogurt bites away. While I am not into finger foods yet, I did show off an impressive pincher grasp.

I went to my first art museum on Friday. I slept through most of it. I also had mashed potatoes for the first time. We went to lunch at The Pit and Dad had to share with me.

Mom and Dad are transitioning out of carrying me in my car seat bucket. I'm just too heavy. Now when I roll in my stroller, I sit right in the seat.

I am not crawling yet, but I'm really good as pushups and I'm starting to get up on all fours.

Sometimes I pee through my jammies and my wearable blanket during the night. I then fuss until Mom or Dad comes to save me. Sometimes Alden sneaks in Mom and Dad's bed in the middle of the night or in the morning.

I love trying to pull on Mallory's dog tags. She likes to sit close to me when someone is giving me attention. She always wants in on more attention.

My favorite toy is my doorway jumper.

Mom has banned Alden from napping. When he naps, he won't go to bed. That kid can stay up until midnight. He still has to have quiet time though. It can be rough in the late afternoon though, because he can be wired and/or cranky.

What IS this stuff???!!

Trent getting culture.

Alden and Dad morning snuggle.

First time riding in the stroller seat.