The Short Truck

After a week off, Trent's nose is running again. Mom and Dad have had enough of colds for the season!

Trent had his first job. He was a subject in a UNC research study on how infants learn by hearing. He and Mom went into a sound booth and they trained him to look at a box with an animal that would light up every time  the word "playground" was played. He earned $15 per visit and they gave him a t-shirt that he enjoyed chewing.

When I was a baby, everyone said "those eyes, that hair." With Trent they say "those cheeks." He has four teeth on top and two on the bottom. He is getting better at rolling around to get places. The days of him staying in one spot are gone!

On Saturday we went to George's first birthday party. Mom was proud of me for doing such a good job playing in the backyard with the other kids. I checked in with Mom and Dad but I did my own thing too.

Today Mom and I met up with my friends Ava and Evan at a park. Evan and I enjoyed tossing rocks on a ball field. While we were playing a short garbage truck showed up. Mom and I went running over there. Mom asked the guy what kind of truck it was because we have never seen a short truck before. The driver said it was a recycling truck. Then he was nice enough to show us how the recycles go into a bin that goes up, up, up before being dumped. Then he went inside the cab and grabbed a pencil and a recycling coloring book and gave it to me. He said he had just got back from doing a demo at a school. His name was Sammie and he was very cool!

Morning push-ups.

Happy birthday, George!

Trent's first paid job - research subject.

The short recycling truck.

Tossing stones with Evan.