Expo Bonanza

Did we ever have a big week!

I had blood drawn for an allergy test. I did great. I didn't cry or fuss. Mom was super proud of me.

Trent's sound making has come so far. He is babbling and talking like a big baby. Breaking news - he also learned how to crawl forward. He gave us a sneak peak at the beginning of the week and by the end of the week he was going fast. He's hinted at working on stairs next.

We went to a show called Farm Days at NC State. We saw animals and sat on tractors. I held a baby chick and it pooped on me. Mom thought that was just cause to cut in line at the hand washing station.

We had a play date with Claire, Brady, and Cody at a bounce house. We loved playing in the hurricane simulation machine. We didn't even notice that you need to put $2 in it to make it work.

Sunday was the annual Touch a Truck show. As much as I like trucks, I was a bit clingy. It is overwhelming and loud. The horns scared Trent so Mom had to carry him. We were sad that the helicopters did not make it this year. The best thing there was a garbage truck.

Just before the poop crime.

Trent getting ready to release prisoner Alex.

Bounce house play date.

Trent pulling up on the stair case.

Checking out a garbage truck.

What a rear loader looks like inside.

Using a crane boom as a swing!

Cool 80 foot boom mobile crane.

Something about someone named Miranda.


Two napping dudes - touching trucks is hard work.

Making up for the missed nap.

Swinging brothers.