Happy Hoppy Easter

I have now experienced my first Easter and what a joyful season it is. I was also fortunate enough to turn 10 months on the big day.

Grandma and Grandpa J and Aunts Kat and Jenny came to visit us. We colored eggs with them. Alden showed off his potty training skills (still a work in progress).  Grandpa showed Alden how to find black jelly beans in ears.

Alden is very stubborn when he doesn't want to go to bed. Me, I just roll with it and get my much needed rest. Alden won't stay in bed if he hears activity going on downstairs. He was also distracted by our Aunts sleeping in the play room. On Easter he was up until midnight. Mom texted the Easter bunny to tell him not to come. But she was nice enough to text him the all clear at 1 a.m. once she knew Alden was deep asleep.

On Saturday Mom and Alden took a cooking class together. Alden got to use a real knife for the first time. He enjoyed the class. The best part was the refrigerator that is go big you can walk in it. Alden even asked to go back.

On Easter we went to some kind friends' house and had an egg hunt with them.

Happy 10 months to Trent on Easter!

Chef Alden sharpens his knife skills.

Alden was much faster with the egg hunt this year!

Alden's first experience coloring eggs.

The bad side of not sleeping at night.