It's Party Time, Excellent!

Another big week of milestones for us.

Trent is really good at crawling now. He can get places very quickly. He likes to talk while he is exploring. He is very interested in pulling on cords, just like I was. He is constantly grabbing at things.

He has two new bottom teeth. That's a total of 8 now, 4 on the bottom and 4 on the top. No wonder he was crabby the other week.

On Thursday we went to Paige's birthday party. She has the same birthday as Daddy. Trent had cake for the first time (homemade strawberry). I loved it. I had one cupcake at home and another piece at home before bed. Trent enjoyed pulling on the giant helium balloon just like I did at a party when I was his age.

On Saturday Mom spent a lot of time at the Spring Daze Arts and Crafts show. The Jaycees had a photo contest there. Dad had a mountain of mulch delivered. He cut the lawn and then some neighborhood big kids came over and helped trim trees and spread the mulch. Mom showed me how to use little pruners and I was out most of the day cutting leaves. I also went to the Arts show with Mom to help the Jaycees clean up. She got me some ice cream.

Today we went to a playdate at Evan's house. It was crazy. We had pizza and someone broke a snowglobe. On the way over I asked Mom all about cameras that have paper in them (I cannot understand why something that sounds so cool isn't sold anymore!), what the spinning water wheel is at Milpond Village (something about olden days and wheat), and who sings songs I like (Fun., Maroon 5, and Neon Trees).

First cake experience.

Birthday Buddies.

Trent can already crawl into small spaces.

Learning about seasonal allergies.

Playdate at Evan's.